the greek food is...Amazing

Discover the Flavors of Greece at El Greek del Puerto

Greece is renowned for its rich culinary traditions that have captivated taste buds for centuries. At El Greek del Puerto, we’re passionate about sharing the authentic and diverse flavors of Greek cuisine with you. From the iconic simplicity of olive oil-drenched dishes to the vibrant and flavorful mezes, our menu reflects the essence of Greece.

We invite you to embark on a culinary journey that encompasses a vast array of options, including souvlaki, feta with honey, stuffed vine leaves, saganaki, Greek village salad, succulent lamb chops, tender octopus, fresh shrimps, and an array of fresh fish. Each dish is prepared with care and a commitment to quality, just as if you were dining in a cozy Greek taverna. We’ve also curated an extensive wine list to perfectly complement your meal.

Whether you’re exploring the traditional classics or seeking something new, we’re here to bring the authentic flavors of Greece to your table. Welcome to El Greek del Puerto, where every bite is a taste of Greece.

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