All customers love the wonderful Greek cuisine. The success of El Greek del Puerto would be impossible without quality staff.

A friendly service appreciated by visitors. Most of the time, this place provides you with a spectacular atmosphere. 

The team is everything

Our team is international, all in love with Greece 🇬🇷and its gastronomy.

Greece is represented but also South America 🇪🇨 Hungary 🇭🇺 Russia 🇷🇺 Zimbabwe, Belgium …🇧🇪
But first, we would like to thank them for their perseverance. Their job is not easy: cut schedules, long hours standing, 6 days a week, fatigue that accumulates, a private life set aside, …

Without them, El Greek del Puerto would not be the one that it is today. THANK YOU❗️

Our vision of food

Greek cuisine is much more than souvlaki and feta. The secret? Simplicity and fresh ingredients, but first and foremost a key ingredient: olive oil.

Look for the best quality. Olive oil, cheese, lemon, oregano, olives, products come from Greece. For a convivial meal, the Greeks like to share a few mezes (the equivalent of Spanish tapas) such as stuffed vine leaves, feta with honey, saganaki or Greek village salad.

It is also possible to compose your dish by ordering lamb chops, octopus, shrimps or fresh fish.

The selection of imported and 100% Greek wines perfectly complements the culinary journey.

Wine is all about taste

The wine list bears witness to this: in addition to Greek beer and ouzo, this is an opportunity to taste a good, well-chosen Greek vintage. It is even the place to taste a retsina again, this Greek wine infused with pine resin. Indeed, this famous wine, infused with the aromas of pine, has often left sinister memories and persistent headaches. Not with the Retsina chosen by El Greek del Puerto.

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